I have been meaning to do this for a long time and I have made some moderate stabs over the years but I have decided to step up my online security.

I have decided to document my steps for you, just in case like I, you all of a sudden decide to give a crap about your privacy rights.

  1. Put a band aid over your Web cam
    • This is because hackers can access your Web cam remotely, turning it on without putting the light on. They can do the same with your mic and the camera and mic on  your phone… I do not have a band aid over my phone… don’t have an answer for that one.
  2. If you can’t bring yourself to delete your facebook account then minimize the damage
    • Don’t have your legal name as your facebook name. So much information is on your facebook: mothers maiden name, first pet, the high school you went to. People can just google you to get all of that. See what I’m getting at? Use your middle name as your first, or a nickname.
    • Don’t list your family members
    • Don’t post your location in real time
    • Don’t link you facebook to other accounts. This means if one falls then they all fall like dominoes. I know its annoying but set up a dummy email and link your accounts to that. Change the email every 3 months.
  3. Have unique passwords
    • So I ‘m going to say something that people are gonna cringe at. I write mine down. I found I was making them to easy to remember them, reusing passwords I know I wont forget. I decided I was more worried by people on the web then in my life so this is my solution. You do you.
  4. Kill any account you don’t use.
    • Have a look at my page of links but account killer can help you with this. There is no need for so many old places that you don’t visit anymore to have your details. Google yourself, every time your name pops up… kill it. (Well I mean unless your attached to whatever it is… but at least you know what people can find now). Just look at all that information and think about what people can piece together from that.

So that’s where I am up to. I know its not far, if you have any tips, advice or edits I would love to hear them.

Sleep well