So I watched the new Edward Snowden movie. I had watched Hidden Figures so you could say I was in the faux biopic state of mind. I say faux because the person I was wathing it with was cringing, at the dramatisation and concurrently the lack of art in the film. But I liked them both, simply due to the subject. Snowden captures the imagination, what drove him? What did he see? Who is he? I was engrossed in the movie. I accepted as it said at the start, that it was a dramatistion.  I did what I normally do after watching a movie based on actual events, I googled it looking for discrepancies with fact.

Here’s what people say:

  • He exaggerates his importance
    • This one makes sense to me in terms of dramatisim. He has to be more important so that the audience can be party to the more important things that are happening at CIA.
    • This is also what I think has wound most CIA officials up like
  • The Rubix Cube
    • There is no way that they could do that accurately, he would just be incriminating himself. But it was interesting to watch very “The Recruit”

  • Snowdens Military Training
    • This is used as to build up this entire conservative persona. Edward Snowden is supposed to be “the patriotic american man”.He serves his country, he believes in the system… but THEN. He gets swayed by a woman?

I could go on but I realise that I am just refuting every point. The thing is it is propaganda. It’s not like there hasn’t propaganda on the other side right?

I guess what I’m trying to say is I appreciate the journey that this movie took us on. And I hope this movie helped some new people think about how the government may not always be your friend. Because a few years ago people were saying trust your government. And now there is Trump.


Your not supposed to trust your government. Your supposed to constantly question them.