1. Use Containers when you can rather than glad wrap
    • The less packaging the better.
    • Glass Tupperware Containers are durable.
    • Flat Stacks
  2. Use dish towels rather than paper towels
    • Anything that is re-useable is better.
  3. Cut back on your food waste
    • Buy for specific dishes- plan your meals and buy to them.
    • More little and often.
    • Utilize all of what you buy- the different parts of the vegetable, the by products of cooing.
    • Eat your leftovers- reinvent them into a new meal- google is your friend.
  4. Buy local where you can
    • There are lots of environmental and community benefits to this.
  5. Eat less meat.
    • Cutting back on the beef can make a huge difference. Cut back to only two times a week.