Recently I went to a talk at the Sydney Opera House by Karen O’brien. She is a lecturer at Oslo and has been starting a movement – #cchallengeaccepted

Climate change can seem insurmountable. Our every day actions can seem so small and meaningless, not to mention humans suck at change.

So she posed a challenge to her students: pick one thing that’s a stretch for you, and do it for 30 days.

This could mean biking to work everyday, not buyin coffee in dis posable cups, only using reusable bags but they found it could also mean taking time for yourself, doing yoga every morning, talking to your family everyday. It is whatever is a challenge for growth in your life.

You will probably fail at points in the challenge but that failure helps you learn and grow. At the end of the 30 days you might not stick to that behaviour forever. However Karen said that you find its a lot easier to cut back. Knowing you can do it makes that thing that you cut out of your life not as important.

Personally, since the talk, I have been trying to cut out meat for 30 days.

The environmental impact of meat is astounding (just check out this sweet infographic). I have known this for a long time but well, ¬†it tastes delicious. So I have built up this whole cognitive dissonance just to justify to myself why it’s OK to eat meat. I couldn’t imagine ruling it out of my life forever.

But 30 days I could do… or so I thought. I have been at it about 3 weeks now and I have had 3 failures.

  1. Drunk in town in the early AM… Mr Crackles! I kid you not look at the happiness on those faces:
  2. I went to a talk that I thought was about Pharmacy companies influence on Doctors. It was 2 hours of this one dude saying why he knows better than other doctors, patients. Pretty much everybody. It was so poorly executed and lacked any form of information, advice or movement. I got mad. I thought why should I put in the effort when no one else seems to give a shit. So I ordered a pizza with meat on it. A middle finger to the world that I was sick of trying to look after it.
  3. I got my period. If your a girl, you get it. If your a guy, well your body hates you at that point. It’s really easy just to give it whatever it wants to make it feel better. I wasn’t feeling full just eating veges, there was some sense of satisfaction missing…so I brought some chicken Kiev (it was on reduced to clear at the supermarket. .. so I’m cutting back on food wastage right?)

So those have been my struggles. I’m back on the wagon now but it has taught me something about myself. When my emotions are strong I’m at my weakest. I have to feel that what I’m doing means something or I’ll lose heart.

So that’s my journey so far. After this month I’ll pick a new challenge. I’d like to only use reusable bags for a month I think.

What would you do?