If you want to be well informed then you have to accept the fact that all media has an angle. Once you know this then you use multiple news outlets  to counteract the biases of each outlet. Western media is bias towards the US then read about the same story on Russia today.

I don’t use all of these all the time, but if you wanted to read something from a different perspective here are some places you could go below:

  • Democracy Now!
    • Independant News, global reach, left leaning
    • http://www.democracynow.org/
    • If reading is not your thing then they also have a youtube channel called Redacted Tonight which is funny and a lot like John Oliver but a lot more activitisy and barbed towards politicians


  • The Economist
    • This is business friendly magazine that attempts to rise above geopolitical boundaries with its reporting. It it embedded in capitalism but will help you understand the implications on business for many global events.
    • http://www.economist.com/


  • Vice News
    • I have recently discovered this as an app on my phone and am really enjoying it. It gives you a few core articles to read so you don’t get overwhelmed with information. They also actively write and chase stories as opposed to regurgitating stuff off of the wire.
    • https://news.vice.com/