To boycott is pretty strong and pretty hard. I mean there are so many things that are considered “bad” in the world. Must I carry an arm-full of groceries every time I forget a bag at the store? Must I read the fine print on every label?

No. And I don’t expect you to. This list exists because I learnt something and got mad for a moment, this lets me feel like I have done something.

Sometimes the only power we have in this world is the power of choice, of consumption. If we pick a slightly better brand with every purchase then it will hit the corporations bottom line. That is what they listen to. You can be heard.

If you can;

  • Buy local
  • Buy environmentally friendly
  • Buy ethically

There is this cool site that has summed companies up better than I: . It has a list of companies with letter ratings, both criticism and praise of the company with links.

Here are a few ones that you might have reason not to buy:

  • Dole
  • Kraft
    • They use palm oil. Palm oil is a big no-no. It’s super cheap to produce so it gets put in lots of products. To produce this palm oil companies are carrying out massive deforestation of native rainforest. There are heaps of issues around this deforestation, taking advantage of the indigenous population, habitat destruction, and you know the big one… climate change.
    • Links for info: